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6 Benefits of Indoor Cycling Workouts

Posted In: Getting Active, Lifestyle By Craig Primack MD FACP

Indoor cycling may be viewed by some people as the latest fitness fad, but it’s been around for over twenty years. It has proven benefits and many advantages over other forms of exercise. The South African cyclist Johnny G is generally credited with starting the revolution in exercise classes using stationary bikes. Over the past couple of decades, the equipment has evolved from a machine with a heavy weighted flywheel and friction resistance into the sophisticated indoor cycling bikes available for use in gyms or to purchase for use at home. [Read more]



5 Tips to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal

Posted In: Lifestyle By Craig Primack MD FACP

Shedding pounds and keeping the weight off is challenging for most adults. Many people set goals to diet and exercise more. Unfortunately, they are unable to keep them due to an inability to change, as well as a lack of will power. Obesity not only hurts your self-esteem, but it can hurt your overall health as well. For example, many health conditions like heart disease and diabetes can be brought on by obesity. If you are interested in losing weight, here are some important tips that can help you achieve your goal. [Read more]



Staying at home all day may be a boring experience for most people, especially those who are used to going to the gym or practicing outdoor sports.  However, staying at home doesn’t mean you have to let go of your active lifestyle and spend most of the time sleeping. Instead of complaining about a sudden lifestyle change, get creative and you’ll find plenty of things to keep yourself busy at home. [Read more]



Vitamin C: Health Benefits and Food Sources

Posted In: Healthy Eating By Craig Primack MD FACP

Vitamin C plays a crucial role in maintaining the immune system and helping to fight off infections, harmful bacteria and viruses. Deficiency and inadequate intake of vitamin C can lead to frequent viruses, such as the common cold, and recurring infections.

Vitamin C is also essential for the growth and repair of connective tissue. Without adequate levels of vitamin C, the body is unable to repair damaged skin properly, leading to slow wound healing. Deficiency can also leave skin looking older, as vitamin C is needed for the production of collagen, which is important for healthy-looking skin.

In addition, vitamin C helps to maintain healthy blood vessels and protects the cardiovascular system, particularly when combined with other antioxidants. [Read more]



Yes! Intermittent Fasting Works

Posted In: Lifestyle By Craig Primack MD FACP

Weight loss science is constantly evolving, and intermittent fasting (IF) is a new and exciting method for losing weight. Like all diets, IF is most successful when combined with support by a medical specialist. [Read more]



How to Reduce Everyday Stress

Posted In: Lifestyle By Craig Primack MD FACP

Have you noticed stressed people panic? Challenges trigger their behavior, but the way they respond increases their burden. When you panic because your plans go awry, you can’t think straight. You stay in fight or flight longer than necessary as your behavior signals you’re in danger. Then, you produce stress chemicals. Take deep slow breaths and you’ll gain the time to take stock. As a result, handling situations will be easier and stress won’t build. Follow your breath and have a short break when the potential to worsen anxiety strikes. You’ll stay balanced and clear-headed.

[Read more]



Five Health Benefits of Jogging Regularly

Posted In: Getting Active By Craig Primack MD FACP

Jogging regularly places strain on bones and muscles. Over some time, your bones become stronger and can handle increased stress. Stronger bones are less likely to break or experience an injury. Jogging is especially beneficial for older adults who experience progressive loss of bone density. Stronger bones help to decrease the risk of osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, and other skeletal diseases. [Read more]



8 Simple Lifestyle Hacks For Slimming Success

Posted In: Lifestyle By Craig Primack MD FACP

You might think that skipping breakfast is a convenient way of cutting a chunk of calories out from your day. However, things aren’t quite that simple, and breakfast is actually an important meal for dieters.

A small, healthy breakfast kick starts your metabolism so that you actually burn calories faster, and this effect will last for several hours. What’s more, eating a breakfast will help stop those willpower-sapping hunger pangs from striking before lunch. [Read more]



Is Standing While Working a Healthier Choice?

Posted In: Lifestyle By Craig Primack MD FACP

One of the latest ergonomic trends in the workplace is the sit-stand desk, which lets employees shift from a sedentary to a standing work style throughout the day. In fact, sit-stand desks are the fastest-growing employee benefit in the American workplace. But does your position really affect your health? [Read more]