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5 Simple Ways To Help Your Patients Get Active

Posted In: Opinion, Resource By Melody Rodarte DO FACP

On our initial consultation with our patients, we ask the question “When did you start to gain weight, excess weight?”  They most common answer is initially during college, sedentary job and getting married because of the lack of exercise.  Yes, there are many other reasons we can go into and weight is multifactorial, but, what […]



Does Phentermine cause heart disease?

Posted In: Pharmacology, Research By Melody Rodarte DO FACP

New study affirms long term safety. It has been well documented that lifestyle modifications can assist many in their weight loss journey. Lifestyle interventions include dietary modifications and exercise as a root change.  Why are we hesitant to using pharmacotherapies to treat obesity, especially long term?    Using Phentermine long term has remained a debated topic […]



One of the most common diseases treated in our obese/overweight populations is Diabetes. Why are we hesitant to using Metformin early? Early use of Metformin has been a topic for years with the US Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP) results and the follow-up DPP Outcomes Study (DPPOS). Both of these studies have shown the decrease in the prevalence of diabetes developing with the addition of metformin. Combined with lifestyle modifications, results were even better. [Read more]