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10 Daily Habits That Can Change Your Life

Posted: Feb 14 in Lifestyle by

When you think about changing your life it might seem overwhelming. It’s easy to believe that you have to make monumental changes that will take tons of time and effort. But really, the best way to change your life is to change your small daily habits. Your life is made up of a series of moments; one day at a time. What you do everyday is what you do with your life. Which is why improving your daily habits is the best way to boost your productivity, give yourself encouragement, and create a fresh start. [Read more]

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5 Benefits of Exercise You May Not be Aware of

Posted: Feb 07 in Getting Active, Lifestyle by

If you’ve ever begun to work out feeling stressed out, and felt nothing but positive feelings by the end of your workout, you aren’t alone. A study from Princeton University has found that getting exercise changes your brain chemistry. It enhances the release of a neurotransmitter called GABA, whose function, among other things, is to lower anxiety. [Read more]

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Eating Your Way to a Healthier Heart – What to Eat More of and What to Avoid

Posted: Jan 31 in Healthy Eating, Lifestyle by

Heart disease claims over half a million lives each year in the USA alone. The tragedy is that these deaths are often entirely preventable. While genetics plays a part in the chances of developing the condition, lifestyle is the primary contributing factor. The food you eat is hugely important, and a diet that makes heart health a priority dramatically lowers your risk. [Read more]

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5 Healthy Sources of Protein That Aren’t Meat or Poultry

Posted: Jan 24 in Healthy Eating, Lifestyle by

Would you like to cut back on meat and still get enough protein in your diet? You’re in good company. Many people are looking for alternatives to red meat, and even poultry, as concerns about the environment, health, and animal welfare grow. In fact, some people choose to eliminate all animal-based foods from their diet by going vegan. Others purge meat from four-legged animals and poultry but continue to eat fish. No one can say what’s right for you, but if you’re eliminating meat and poultry, there’s good news. You still have healthy protein options available to you. Here are some high-protein options when you’re cutting back on meat. [Read more]

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Five Steps to Starting a Successful Weight-Loss Plan

Posted: Jan 17 in Lifestyle by

Turn on the television, surf the internet, or spend a few minutes on your favorite app and you’re bound to see many weight-loss plans and programs that promise to make you skinny, attractive, and glowing with health. Every year you find more and more shelves full of new books promoting “fad” diets based on anything from […]

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5 Inexpensive Ways To Get More Fruits and Veggies

Posted: Jan 10 in Food Gauge, Healthy Eating by

Fruits and vegetables are good for you. It’s been established by countless studies that a diet based on “the green stuff” is the best thing for our health. However, if you have lived your entire life as a meat-and-potatoes person, you may be at a loss as to how to sneak in those vegetables. It’ s not as complicated as you think. [Read more]

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Five Diet Mistakes That Can Inhibit Weight Loss

Posted: Jan 03 in Food Gauge, Healthy Eating by

The amount of conflicting information and advice relating to weight loss means it’s no wonder many people don’t know where to start. Fad diets can come with health warnings, and the obvious approach of eating less and exercising more often fails to deliver results. Knowing the facts about weight loss is just as important as having the discipline to stick to a diet and make lasting changes to what you eat. [Read more]

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Everyday Tips to Help with Your Weight Loss

Posted: Dec 27 in Lifestyle by

Losing weight or maintaining your achieved weight-loss goal is going to be an ongoing journey. Weight management requires a conscientious level of attention to daily habits and overall lifestyle. If you’re determined to win the continuous struggle with your weight, there are several strategies you can follow to help you in your efforts. [Read more]

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What Can Pilates Do for You?

Posted: Dec 20 in Getting Active, Lifestyle by

Is it time to give your exercise routine a shot in the arm? If you’ve been following the same structured program so long that you can anticipate the next moves long before you work through the current ones, you may be overdue for a change. Fitness experts encourage variety if you want to continue to improve your fitness level. [Read more]

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