Are you Clowning Around with Weight Loss?

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Getting Active by

That’s it. You’ve tried everything else; it is time to join the circus.

Well, there may actually be something to that! Taking a day off from your typical gym routine and challenging yourself to a day of circus school can provide you with a good laugh, and challenge your muscles to work in ways that you didn’t think they would.

Not to be mistaken with clown school—which one might imagine would focus on the physics behind piling 30 people into a micro-car, or the etiquette of squirting a passersby with a fake-flower—circus school may just be the creative twist that you have been looking for in a workout.

Circus schools are popping up all around the country, giving people a new way to approach fitness and weight loss. Chandler is not left out, with circus and trapeze classes now being offered on the north side of Scottsdale at the Circus School of Arizona (

Don’t worry, these classes are not encouraging people to quit their jobs and join the circus. Instead, these classes are just taking a different approach to getting fit. Think about the last time that you went to a trapeze performance, or even watched acrobats on the television. As they are gliding across stage gripping onto dangling pieces of gauze, or holding each other in the air while elevated onto their toes they are exhibiting an enormous amount of strength. When was the last time that you held anything over your head while standing on your tippy-toes without wobbling around?

What will you do at circus school?

Chances are you are going to laugh, which is always a fun break. Circus school is all about building strength through fun activities. That being said, it is not an easy workout! You will run, twist, bend and hang—and then you will do it all again. With instruction from trapeze artists and contortionists, and padding and crash pads underfoot, you will be encouraged to trust your body as you tumble, dive and cartwheel across the room.

This intense routine is not for the light of heart! Incorporating a variety of trapeze-esque activities can be frightening and a bit dangerous, so it is important to only try any of these acrobatic exercises with a professional by your side. However, after you have focused on losing weight and are looking for new ways to become active while having fun, a day at circus school may be just the thing you are looking for.