How Mindfulness can Encourage Weight Loss

Posted: February 27, 2012 in Healthy Eating by

Being overweight not only makes you feel self-conscious, it can also put you at risk for developing numerous diseases. Losing weight is a beneficial way to become healthier and prevent a number of obesity related diseases. Speaking to a specialist at your weight loss clinic can help you to develop a strong strategy to lose weight.

Being mindful of what you eat is one way that you can work towards meeting your weight loss goal. With mindful eating, you actually pay attention to what is going into your mouth, so you don’t overeat. Here are some tips for mindful eating.

  • Eat Slowly: Take the time to chew your food instead of stuffing it down your throat as fast as you can. Since it takes 20 minutes for your body to register that it is full, it’s important not to race through your entire plate.
  • Ask Yourself How Hungry You Truly Are: Before you begin eating, ask yourself how hungry you are on a scale of 1 to 10. If you’re only a little hungry, remember that you don’t have to eat all the food that is on your plate.
  • Order Certain Foods on the Side: When you are at a restaurant, order foods like salad dressing, butter and gravy on the side. This way, you have more control of how much you put on your food, saving yourself a lot of calories.
  • Pay Attention to What You Are Eating: Take the time to actually enjoy your meal, and pay attention to what is going in your mouth. If you really pay attention, you may realize that you don’t need to eat that last onion ring.