The Most Common Weight Loss Challenges for Women

Posted: September 30, 2013 in Lifestyle by

The Most Common Weight Loss Challenges for Women If you are one of the many individuals seeking out healthy weight loss in Chandler and are tired of frustrating diets and programs that are not sustainable, then you will likely benefit from medical weight loss programs.

All too often we hear about how it is women who have the hardest time losing weight. While obesity isn’t strictly a gender issue, it never hurts to have a look at challenges that women may be facing when it comes to managing their weight levels.

Here are a few weight loss challenges especially common among women:

1. Women have less lean muscle mass than men. A pound of muscle burns 11 to 15 calories per hour at rest. It stands to reason that in an average day, a woman will burn fewer calories than a man of the same exact weight. Additionally, many women are afraid of “bulking up” and therefore do not lift weights.

Resistance training is key to strengthening muscles, bones, and joints, thereby staving off conditions such as osteoporosis. To rev up your metabolism and jumpstart your weight loss, implement a resistance training routine at least twice a week.

2. Is your workout intense enough for you? This is not an issue limited to women alone, but it is something that many women seek advice for. Walking is a great form of physical activity, but as you lose weight you’ll need to gradually increase the speed and distance you are moving at. This will encourage you to burn more calories by increasing the intensity of your workout.

Pounding out countless miles on the treadmill is a great cardio workout–but it can become challenging to stay motivated with it for too long. If you are ready to up the intensity a bit, consider interval training. This can be done with any cardiovascular exercise, including walking, running, swimming, or biking. After a proper warm-up, go hard for one minute, then easy for one minute. Continue this alternating pattern for at least twenty minutes, and finish with a cool down.

3. Comfort food and stress eating are the other two biggest challenges for women. Again, not a problem men are immune to, but women seem to take cake (so-to-speak) when it comes to being honest about emotional eating habits. Chocolate, french fries and other items are often turned to after a stressful day when emotions are high. This is a form of overeating that can cause you to consume an extra couple hundred calories in the course of a day, which might interfere with your weight loss efforts.

Find a different way to relax. Consider going for a walk, calling a friend or soaking in the tub. You don’t need food to calm your nerves. In fact, most research shows that indulging in comfort food will only lead to more stress later on.