5 Reasons Why New Year’s Weight-Loss Resolutions Fail

Posted: January 19, 2021 in Lifestyle by
why weight loss new year's resolutions fail
Robert Ziltzer, MD
Milestones inspire people to lose weight, like decade birthdays, high school reunions, weddings, and of course, New Years’. Whether it’s a workout plan or dietary change, most resolutions fall flat, leaving people frustrated and demoralized. The failure isn’t on the person, but the diet plan. Fad diets lack a foundation in science or understanding of what it really takes to lose weight.
If this is your experience, use it as an opportunity to discover the right recipe for both losing weight and maintaining weight loss. After all, keeping the weight off is just as crucial as losing it.

Most Common Reasons Why Weight-Loss Resolutions Fail

  1. You only exercise. Only 2% of people lost 30 pounds on exercise alone, according to the National Weight Control Registry. The other 98% modified their diet as well. Exercise is, however, an essential key to keeping weight off.

  2. Lack of a solid plan. You’ll lose more weight by combining diet change, exercise, lifestyle change, and medical treatment. A comprehensive approach is the fastest road to dramatic weight loss. See how our medical weight loss program applies these principles.
  3. You opt for a fad diet. Most fad diets cause us to make unsustainable changes for long periods of time. In our book, Chasing Diets, we discuss the reasons why diets often fail. They often lack complete nutrition on lower calories and carbs. They also don’t help with the decrease in metabolism that occurs as soon as we decrease calories.
  4. You try to lose weight on your own. Having an accountability system improves your chances of success. Find a weight loss buddy, a coach, or an obesity medicine physician to check-in and be real with yourself. Using a food diary or food tracking app will also help with self-accountability.
  5. Most diets fail to manage hunger. As we lose weight, our hunger hormones increase. Ghrelin is a hormone secreted from the stomach and stimulates appetite. As we lose weight, ghrelin levels surge, making it challenging to remain on a lower calorie diet. We give our patients’ weight loss medications to suppress their appetite. They greatly improve your chances of weight loss success.
Our average patient has tried a dozen diets. And some of our most successful patients begin their weight loss journey in December. For a faster, easier, and longer-lasting weight loss experience, don’t do it alone, get help.

This is How You Lose the Weight, Once and For All

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