Add Some Motivation to Medical Weight Loss

Posted: June 9, 2015 in Lifestyle by

Add Some Motivation to Medical Weight LossIn the beginning, the excitement of getting started on medical weight loss is usually all the motivation that you need. Then, as your weight starts dropping every week you get a renewed sense of excitement and success. But after a while, even watching the scale can lose some of its motivating force especially if you reach a plateau or you make a mistake and gain a pound or two.

Finding ways to make weight loss more enjoyable by attaching it to things that are important to you can be a terrific way to ramp up motivation when you are facing a difficult patch.  When you are enjoying your journey to weight loss, you’re less likely to give up on it during these difficult times.

Here are a few ideas to make your weight loss journey more enjoyable:

Reward yourself when you reach your goals. Throughout your medical weight loss program you’ll likely have more than one goal for yourself to reach. Losing weight is a gradual process so every couple of weeks or so your weight loss doctor may check your progress to make sure you’re on track. Use these times to assess whether or not you’ve reached one of your weight loss goals.

If you wanted to lose an extra pound in addition to your expected weight loss by your next weigh-in, reward yourself for reaching this goal. You don’t have to buy yourself anything expensive or even spend money at all—whatever makes you feel proud of yourself will help keep you motivated to stay on track with weight loss. Treat yourself to a massage or a manicure or allow yourself some quality time that weekend to finally read that book that’s never been opened on your nightstand.

Share your efforts and support a good cause. As you transition into a healthier lifestyle with the help of your medical weight loss program, share your joy with others around you. For every couple of pounds you lose you could donate a dollar to a local food bank. You could also sign up with a few of your friends to do a walk-a-thon to support medical research for diseases such as cancer or diabetes. This way you can boost your weight loss efforts by engaging in activity while also supporting a greater cause.

Experiment with your healthy foods. Any food can be improved with a few herbs and spices or trying a different way of preparation. If you are finding healthy foods bland, spice them up or look for healthy alternatives. Even if your diet consists of OPTIFAST meals only, there are a variety recipes that can add variety to your shakes and soups without adding calories.  Ask our dietitian for a few ideas.

If these suggestions don’t do anything for you, invest some time now while your motivation is high to find something you can use to stay motivated throughout your program and into the long-term maintenance phase.