Healthy Habits Make Healthy Weight Loss

Posted: December 6, 2012 in Lifestyle by

Healthy Habits Make Healthy Weight Loss in Chandler, ScottsdaleThe scale isn’t the only thing that will change as you lose weight in Chandler and Scottsdale

There is a reason losing weight is so hard to do. Once you establish unhealthy habits, changing them is difficult—even when you know those changes are for the better. To experience true, sustainable weight loss in Chandler and Scottsdale, you are going to need to do a full overhaul of your habits.

During your medical weight loss program, your dietary and exercise habits will change naturally. While following and OPTIFAST diet plan, you won’t be able to indulge in oversized portions or fall for a tempting snack because your diet will be limited to the OPTIFAST products alone. However, the healthy habits that help you lose weight can also help you keep it off.

Your medical weight loss program gives you a great opportunity to start implementing healthier habits in all aspects of your life so that you can emerge from your weight loss program healthier and equipped to keep up the positive changes.

Here are a few healthy habits that can help you and your waistline:

  • Don’t drink your calories. Sodas, sugar filled juices and milk shakes are big wastes of calorie space. They don’t fill you up and more often than not you end up drinking much more than you realize. Energy drinks are also loaded with calories and can interfere with your weight loss efforts—especially if you aren’t using that energy to exercise.
  • Sleep at least seven hours every night. When you are tired, you are more likely to make poor dietary decisions in an effort to stay awake. You are also less likely to exercise and more likely to grab fast food instead of making a healthy meal. You might be surprised how much getting a good night of rest impacts the choices you make during the day.
  • Stay hydrated. Thirst often masks itself as hunger. If you are hungry between meals, reach for your water bottle before going for a snack. Drinking water will reduce fluid retention or bloating and is good for your skin health too.
  • Relax. Find a little time for you every day. Even if you have a busy schedule, taking just five minutes to yourself can make a huge impact in how you feel towards your weight loss goals, and can even help you to stay more motivated.

These are just a few healthy habits that you can implement to become healthier as you lose weight in Chandler and Scottsdale. What other habits have you integrated into your normal routine? Share your thoughts and experiences in a comment below.