It really is harder for women to lose weight

Posted: August 31, 2014 in Lifestyle by

it really is harder for women to lose weightDo you find that every time you and your husband go on a diet together, he loses weight faster? You’ll be eating the same foods and exercising the same amount, but his results are faster and more dramatic. Don’t feel discouraged. A combination of biology and behavior is behind the gap. Here are a few tips to help you compensate.

Muscles and Metabolism

Men tend to be more muscular than women, and muscle burns more calories than fat. Because of this, men tend to have a higher metabolism than women do. Also, men tend to be more drawn to the strength exercises that build muscle while women tend to gravitate more toward aerobic exercise. To get more out of your workout at the gym, add more strength training to your routine.

After Your Workout

The differences in biology continue in the way that your body responds to exercise. In women, the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates appetite, tends to spike. In men, it often goes down after exercise. Since you will be hungry after you exercise, plan to have a low-sugar, high-protein meal or snack available. It will help ease your hunger without undoing your hard work.

You Are What You Eat

Because of their larger size and higher metabolism, men typically can eat more than women without gaining the same amount of weight. When you put food on your plate at a meal, give yourself a larger serving of vegetables and a somewhat smaller serving of protein and carbohydrate foods.

Where Women Are Ahead

The one place where women have it easier than men is in support structures. While women tend to talk about their weight loss and fitness goals with friends, men are more likely to go it alone. Having a support network greatly increases your chance of losing weight and getting healthy. By using your network of friends for support, you can create an environment that makes it more likely that you will be a success.