Medical Weight Loss in Phoenix

Medical weight loss programs can help you lose weight in Phoenix


Losing weight is hard to do through changes to your diet and exercise habits alone. If you don’t have weight loss support in Phoenix, it is unlikely that you will achieve your weight loss goal and be able to keep the weight off long term. Medical weight loss programs make weight loss possible despite failed attempts that may have discouraged a positive attitude towards weight loss.

In Phoenix, medical weight loss is just a short drive away. Scottsdale and Chandler are both home to the offices of a highly experienced team of medical weight loss doctors that can help you lose weight with proven strategies and weight loss support.

From Phoenix:

  • Scottsdale is only a 20 minute drive
  • Chandler is only a 30 minute drive

Lose Weight in Phoenix

The proximity of our medical weight loss program to Phoenix makes it possible for many Phoenix residents to easily visit one of our two office locations for regular weight loss support.

Scottsdale Weight Loss Center offers comprehensive medical weight loss programs that feature OPTIFAST meal replacement products and weight loss medications to help you lose weight. These tools make it easier to follow a low-calorie diet as you learn proper portions and focus on nutritional education to develop healthier lifestyle skills.

The OPTIFAST full meal replacement program helps people lose an average of 52 pounds over the course of 18-22 weeks. This program features shakes, soups and meal bars that replace your entire diet, helping you focus on other aspects of losing weight. The OPTIFAST program can also be used as a partial meal replacement diet.

Our weight loss doctors prescribe weight loss medications as needed to help people adjust to eating less as they follow a low-calorie diet for weight loss in Phoenix. Our doctors are highly experienced in bariatric medicine and have a deep passion for helping people in Arizona develop a healthier way of life.

Scottsdale Weight Loss Center can provide you with the tools and insights you need to lose weight in Phoenix. If you’ve tried losing weight before to no avail, physician-supervised weight loss programs make it possible to overcome past barriers that prevented weight loss and finally reach a healthy weight.