Chasing Diets

How to Lose Weight and Keep It Off

From the Doctors of Scottsdale Weight Loss Center

America is addicted to dieting. There are millions of people who are sick—sick of being overweight. These people have been chasing diets over a lifetime and are ready to stop their endless searching and discover a solution to weight loss.

There are thousands of diets and tens of thousands of diet books; each month a new diet book comes out with new promise and new hope. They all fail sooner or later, leaving the dieter ever more hopeless and more discouraged. Studies of self-help diets usually show no greater than ten pounds of weight loss after one year.

In truth, self-help dieting is a no-win venture. Self-help and “next best diet” approaches ignore the fact that obesity is a medical disease that, in most people, requires medical treatment.

Doctors Craig Primack MD and Robert Ziltzer MD discuss the shortcomings of self-help diets, and more importantly show dieters how to find a weight loss program that works — for life! Founders of Scottsdale Weight Loss Center in Arizona, Drs. Ziltzer and Primack have worked with thousands of patients who have found that medical management is the essential ingredient to success.

The four-pronged comprehensive weight loss program explained in Chasing Diets is designed to use all the tools available today: medical management of proper nutrition, activity and sleep, and education. Used together, these tools can empower people who struggle with obesity to stop the search and arrive at a solution for losing and maintaining goal weight.

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Praise for Chasing Diets.

“Obesity is a chronic disease controlled by physiology. Trying to control physiology with behavior is something people can do temporarily, but over the long term, stresses of life get in the way and the weight lost by dieting alone is regained. Long-term control of body weight involves changing physiology in addition to prescribing a diet and changing behavior through increased activity and education. Craig Primack and Robert Ziltzer are diplomates of the American Board of Obesity Medicine. That means that they are physicians with certification in the treatment of obesity as a medical specialty. Thus, they are able to prescribe medications that will change the physiology and enable their patients to have long-term success with diet, education and exercise that would not be possible with diet alone. This makes Chasing Diets not just another diet book, but rather a recipe for success in long-term weight loss that can only be achieved with the help of obesity medicine specialist physicians who have the education and ability to combine all four essential elements needed for long-term weight loss success, medication, education, activity and diet. I recommend this book to those with weight problems looking for a long-term solution”

Frank Greenway, MD
Medical Director and Professor
Pennington Biomedical Research Center
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

“Chasing Diets brings a message of hope to those who have tried it all and still find lasting weight loss to be an elusive goal. You are not the problem. Our culture’s expectation that weight loss is simply a matter of getting more willpower to eat less and move more is deeply flawed. With deep compassion and scientific rigor, Drs. Ziltzer and Primack offer a compelling argument that perhaps the answer lies in our willingness to view the road to weight loss and well-being as a journey best undertaken with the help of experts who can find solutions that you may not come to on your own. This book’s insights and stories will inspire those who are truly ready to get off the diet/weight gain roller coaster for good.”

Lisa Galper, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist/Emotional Eating Specialist

“There’s never enough time to find out what you need and want to know about weight loss, and heaven knows there’s an enormous amount of conflicting information and options on the market. This book provides you with the details and the plan from experts you can trust.”

Lyn St James
Professional racecar driver
Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year, 1992

“This book by Drs. Ziltzer and Primack illustrates how the complex disease of obesity is effectively treated with coordinated obesity care instead of chasing the latest diet trend. Treating obesity with lifelong sustainable changes, medications, and surgery takes a village. This book is the map to that village. If you are a provider that cares for patients, an employer with employees or a person that has obesity you should read this book.”

Angela Fitch, MD
Associate Director, Massachusetts General Hospital Weight Center.
Assistant Professor, Harvard Medical School.

“Drs. Ziltzer and Primack have done what most have dared not even attempt…instead of promoting an overly simplified and limited perspective on how obesity should be clinically treated, they have taken on the task of explaining a very challenging and complex issue in an engaging style. One of the reasons we struggle with turning the obesity epidemic around is that we are an immediate gratification society, looking for the latest quick fix. In this book, Rob and Craig systematically explain why that strategy leaves you feeling unsuccessful and how engaging with a specialist who can individually tailor treatment for you is the way to deal with a complex disease like obesity. This is a clear and honest assessment of what a patient looking for medical weight loss treatment can achieve in partnership with a trained specialist and their team”

Jamy Ard, MD Professor,
Epidemiology and Prevention.
Wake Forrest School of Medicine

“Most doctors do not know how to help you lose weight—because they received no training in weight loss. Drs. Ziltzer and Primack received special training in Obesity Medicine and now that is all they do. I’m confident that the wisdom in these pages, gleaned from years of experience, will help many others!”

Eric C. Westman, MD MHS
Duke University Medical Center
Past President, Obesity Medicine Association
New York Times Bestselling Author of The New Atkins for a New You

As a practicing sleep specialist, Chasing Diets is the clear choice for my patients who are serious about making a permanent change in their lives. When it comes to their weight. Drs. Ziltzer and Primack are incredibly knowledgeable, extremely well trained, and include every aspect of your life to ensure success. So few specialists ever bring all of their thoughts in one place to really give a person value for their time and efforts while trying to accomplish what sometimes seems like an impossible goal. The reason I know so much about this area is not only my expertise in sleep and weight loss (which they expertly address in the book), but I was also a patient. I have maintained my weight loss for the past 8 years, and it has truly changed my life; and the way I think, act, and live.

Michael J. Breus, PhD
aka The Sleep Doctor


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