Amy E: 151 lb Weight Loss

It’s never clear when you go from having ‘baby fat’ to being ‘big for your age,’ and then ‘big boned’ to ‘fluffy’ and ‘pleasingly plump’. I always knew I was bigger than my peers growing up and when they stopped growing, I continued. I suppose at some point I would even acknowledge to myself that I was fat. I had several ‘wake up calls’ when I knew I needed to do something, but somehow, I managed to hit the snooze button and let the thought slip away. Most of these occurrences are hazy in my memory, but what stands out is when I figured out I was morbidly obese. My doctor would say I need to lose weight and I would agree. I would eat smart for a week or so, but soon my poor habits returned. For many years, I weighed too much to use the scale in my doctor’s office, so when I had to do a consult with a specialist, I was surprised they had a scale to accommodate me. I was even more surprised by the results…414 pounds. I realized I was morbidly obese. I didn’t need a doctor to tell me, it was there in bright red LED lights. I immediately took myself to task, made changes in my life and lost 11 pounds over the next year. It took me 40 years to reach this weight and given this rate of weight loss I would achieve a ‘normal’ weight just in time to be put in a coffin. We all think we should be smart enough to figure out how to lose weight, after all, we hear how it’s just a matter of will power, but in reality, it is so much more and I was finally able to admit that.

On the other side of things, my husband who spent much of his life with an athlete’s body had begun to settle into life in his late 30s at a ‘normal’ weight. It wasn’t his ideal, but he could live with it. Then he got sick. After 8 weeks in the hospital fighting for his life, he returned home with a body that functioned entirely different. With exercise limitations and medicine treating new chronic conditions, his weight ballooned into obesity. After several years of watching his weight steadily increase, he was feeling hopeless. While I could never envision myself at a normal weight, my husband was struggling to understand his obesity. Together, we decided we needed to take action. I had thought about gastric bypass. I had seen it work for some and not for others. I just felt I needed a different approach and I wanted it to be something my husband and I could do together. With my husband’s concurrence, I asked my primary care physician for a recommendation on who could help us and that’s how we found Scottsdale Weight Loss Center.

After our initial consultation, we knew this was our solution. All the people we have worked with at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center have been incredibly supportive, encouraging, and flexible, customizing a weight loss approach that addressed our specific needs. While the meal replacements are a great tool for immediate and controlled weight loss, the true value of the program is the development of long-term weight maintenance knowledge and habits. Because of this program, my husband has lost almost 70 pounds and is closing in on his goal weight. I have lost almost 150 pounds and have a way to go. It is because of the incredible staff and program at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center that I can actually imagine myself at a ‘normal’ weight and know that I can make it happen.

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to our weight loss specialists about the results you can expect.


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  • Laura Fabricant says:

    It is exciting for me to read your story, Amy.
    You should be very proud of yourself (and your husband too). I also am extremely pleased with Scottsdale Weight Loss Center. I have been on maintenance for one year now but still return for at least one seminar each month plus food.

    Congratulations … it’s a great feeling to succeed.

    Laura Fabricant

  • Patti says:

    Excellent job!!!! You are doing AWESOME! Keep up the great work.

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