David Weight Loss Success

In November 2012, I weighed my heaviest. How did I let this happen? I felt defeated and miserable! I was scared looking down at the number I saw on the scale.

I’d like to share with you my story about my weight and how working with Dr. Ziltzer and the dynamic team at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center (SWLC) has changed my life…

Since my mid 30’s, I’ve struggled with my weight. Over the years, I’ve gone to food for many different reasons. On this journey, I’ve discovered my poor eating habits are directly related to any good or bad situations going on in my life. For example: work, stress, health, finances, relationships, boredom, heartache, celebration, vacations, etc. Like so many of us, I ate to soothe & calm myself, especially when I felt I had no control over a matter. Food is always there when I need it or want it.

In November 2012, I weighed my heaviest (275+lbs). How did I let this happen? I felt defeated and miserable! I was scared looking down at the number I saw on the scale. My clothes were not fitting. I felt uncomfortable in narrow spaces. I was self-conscious, I had to take medication for high blood pressure, I was always tired & I felt extremely frustrated at the constant battle going on within myself.

It was then, I decided, enough is enough, it’s time to do SOMETHING! I was SO sick and tired of feeling this way! I knew I needed to make a change & gain control over this crazy relationship I had with food!

I needed to do this, but more importantly, I WANTED to do this.

After making this promise to myself, I signed up at SWLC with Dr. Z. Since that day, my lifestyle, my attitude/moods & my weight have all changed significantly. I have lost over 75lbs & I feel amazing! I went from a size 40 to size 33 pants AND I’m no longer on blood pressure medicine.

The team at SWLC have helped me achieve my goal weight and also NEVER judged me or looked down on me! They have helped me change my relationship with food. They help create new healthy habits to replace the old ones. I understand portion control and self-control—it’s really very simple. My inner voice is less critical and more nurturing. I love working out, especially with my family. They’re so supportive and continue to encourage me every day. I am a positive influence in the lives of many people, especially my children.

Through many discussions, the delicious food and the tremendously helpful staff, SWLC has taught me the necessary tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle & I am grateful for all that you guys do…Thank you!!

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to our weight loss specialists about the results you can expect.

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