Frank’s 33 lbs. Weight Loss Success Story

“They know what they are doing.”

We would like to congratulate Frank on his incredible success here at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center! Here is what Frank had to say about his weight loss: Thank you Scottsdale Weight Loss Center for providing me with a program that really works! Losing 33 pounds in 11 weeks has given me a new perspective on eating (well), and it has changed my life and lifestyle of eating for good. Increased stress and poor eating habits had pushed my weight to dangerous new levels that put me at a health risk. I needed to do something about it and after an emergency room scare, I asked my personal doctor what to do about losing weight. He referred me to Scottsdale Weight Loss Center and Drs. Primack and Ziltzer saying “They know what they are doing”.

Lowering my blood pressure and eliminating my GI problems were some positive results of the SWLC program and losing 4+ inches off my waist and 33+pounds. I was even taken off of several medications that were no longer necessary due to the weight loss. Today I really enjoy working out again weekly while eating lean & green for the first time in my life thanks to SWLC. I really feel great! They call me the vanishing man at work!

I have tried other weight loss programs, including South Beach and Weight Watchers, but had only gained the weight back and more after reaching much smaller weight loss goals. These programs did not work for me because I was not prepared to maintain my weight loss after reaching the so called finish line. I had felt I succeeded but really didn’t in the long run.

So what made the difference for me at SWLC? I was committed to following the SWLC nutrition program with a very dedicated, very supportive staff that helped me achieve my weight loss goal. I had trust in the doctors and medical staff who were medically supervising my program. I enjoyed the meal replacements that kept me from being hungry. They were tasty. Most Important, I attended the weekly class sessions led by a team of experienced psychologists and registered nutritionists who taught me (and I am still learning) the skills of eating well to not only maintain my weight loss but to change my way of eating toward a much healthier lifestyle. Now I have a new appreciation of the food that I eat and the importance of exercise. Thank you, Dr. Primack (my doctor) and the entire Scottsdale Weight Loss Center staff. Yes, you do know what you are doing!


Frank: 33 lb Weight Loss

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to your Scottsdale Weight Loss Obesity Medicine Specialist about the results you can expect.