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When I was younger I had a tendency to put on weight, but I also was successful at taking it off when I needed to. When I got older my programs that I had counted on to lose weight just didn’t work anymore. I was putting on more and more weight and not losing any of it. The last few years of my career, I was the person handling the “employee issues” in several mergers. I was working 10-12 hours a day in a position that was rather stressful to say the least. I was also the primary care giver for both of my ill parents for ten years. I was lucky though because I was able to retire at 55. Two years after I retired my parents died within one month of each other. Then it took about a year to finalize all their affairs. While I do miss them, it was a blessing.

With that behind me, my husband and I were finally able to enjoy our retirement – playing golf 4-5 times a week plus spending the rest of our time on hobbies or traveling. While everything seemed great, I was still very unhappy with my weight. While I was no longer gaining, I had a lot of excess weight that I could not get rid of. Then, the weight started affecting my health. Both my blood pressure and cholesterol were high, and then my blood sugar increased to the point where I was really worried. I have always been good about exercising, but that and diets just did not work anymore.

In late 2012, my internist, Dr. Rodarte, left her practice and joined the staff at the Scottsdale Weight Loss Clinic. While I probably would never have gone to a weight loss center on my own, she is such a wonderful physician that I figured it might be time to give the program a try.

I started the program one week before Thanksgiving, 2012. After the first week, I was convinced this program could work. I did the full meal replacement for six months. Along with the meals I also attended the classes at the center. After the first month it was amazing how much better I felt. My legs and feet no longer ached. Another key component to the program is exercise. It not only helps you lose the weight but also helps you keep it off. After 6 months I have lost 50 pounds. I am off the blood pressure medicine, my cholesterol and my blood sugar levels are both good again. My energy level has really increased and I can’t remember the last time I felt this good. I have successfully kept it off for three months and I will keep it off going forward. The program has given me the tools to do this.

Now every morning I get on the scale and say, “yes, I did it,” and life is a whole lot better.

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to our weight loss specialists about the results you can expect.


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  • Gayla Bonnell says:

    The program works miracles, as I lost over 100 pounds and just turned 70. Encouragement and the friendly staff did it for me. The classes, and products helped but it was the words of encouragement. Thank you so much. Gayla R. Bonnell


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