Jennifer’s 40lb Weight Loss Success Story

Jennifer K Weight Loss Success

One of the best feelings is walking into Scottsdale Weight Loss Center and seeing Dr. Ziltzer. My journey started in September 2015. Having struggled with my weight for my entire life, I was on the brink of despair as nothing seemed to work. You name the diet, exercise program, nutritional angle, I had done them all over the years with little or no success. Everywhere else in my life I felt like I had a way to meet my goals except for my body.

I worked with the amazing staff at SWC visiting them weekly, following the plan Dr. Z and I made together, attended classes and after 5 months hit my goal of losing 40 pounds.

My journey however was really just starting. I realized, as Dr. Z had discussed with me many times, having a plan for my eating, exercise, sleep and stress would be a life long endeavor. Actually knowing that made me feel better. I acknowledged I have obesity and like any other chronic disease will have to be managed for the rest of my life.

I still go see Dr. Z every 6 weeks and have kept my weight “in the zone” for 1 year and 5 months. The difference, I have a team on my side (SWC), they don’t judge, no shaming, just good honest people who want to support and see their patients become healthy.

I will be forever grateful for the day I walked in, met Angela and started on my road to permanent and successful weight loss.  Thank you to each and every member of the SWC team, you make the difference!

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to our weight loss specialists about the results you can expect.

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