Joanie’s 103 lb Weight Loss Success Story

Congratulations to Joanie, December’s Patient of the Month. Joanie has lost an incredible 103 lbs! For Joanie, our classes have made a dramatic difference in how she views food & exercise. Through her weight loss journey, she has discovered a deep appreciation for eating well and staying active to maintain a healthy weight. Here is what Joanie had to say about her weight loss:

I came to Scottsdale Weight Loss to get healthy for myself first, and secondly for my son (1 year old at the time I started). Scottsdale Weight Loss and it’s amazing people are one of the main reasons I was able to lose so much weight. The “support system” is there, Dr. Primack, the nurses, and the office staff are truly amazing. The positive reinforcement and encouragement I received was amazing!!!

The beginning is the roughest, once you get past that first huge hill, it’s a smoother ride. You NEED your friends and family for support, so don’t push them away. The most challenging aspect of this whole process was eating out with my family. In the beginning of the program this was a huge challenge to me. Restaurants serve huge portions, and many don’t offer any kind of lighter options, and I LOVE eating out. I have learned many tips through the classes and talking to other patients about how to conquer this battle. Now it’s not so hard to go out and eat, my appetite has completely changed and I am a lot more educated as how to make healthy eating choices.

The classes REALLY taught me what I needed to learn. It was completely eye-opening, and I have a new appreciation for food and why I need it! I cannot stress enough to anyone how valuable and key exercise is to maintaining your weight loss. I do some kind of exercise routine everyday and have joined a gym, something I never would have done had I not lost the weight. My friends and family, even after 2 years can’t believe how great I look. The fact that I have maintained after losing so much weight still astonishes them. I think most importantly I am healthy and so happy for myself and my family!

Joanie: 103 lb Weight Loss

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to your Scottsdale Weight Loss Obesity Medicine Specialist about the results you can expect.