Joann 35 lbs weight loss

Q and A session with Joann, December’s Patient of the Month who recently lost 35 lbs!

“I am healthier, physically and mentally stronger and happier than I imagined. I do not regard my weight loss as ending. It is the beginning of a new me that I to have maintain on an ongoing basis.”

SWLC Staff: “What was the most beneficial part of the program for you?”

Joann: “It’s like somebody wrote this diet for me. Having the five full meal replacements allowed for easy plan adherence and stress free dining decisions. Not being pigeon-holed into a diet with boring foods is great! This diet includes chocolate! My readiness to give 100% commitment and work within the parameters is so easy.”

SWLC Staff: “Compared to other diet plans, what differences make SWLC your program?”

Joann: “They teach you the steps that you’re missing. For example, once I went to the class “Eat mindfully… live mindfully…” I learned the tricks of trade. I felt like somebody woke me up from a nap. It’s brilliant, the knowledge that you learn in the classes and apply to other areas of your life!”

SWLC Staff: “What about your friends and family? What do they think of the thinner you?”

Joann: “My husband had his doubts at first, but he could tell immediately that SWLC was different and became my #1 cheerleader. We’ve been married for 30 years and he has never seen me look this slim and healthy.”

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to our weight loss specialists about the results you can expect.


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  • Debra Wallace says:

    Hi JOAnn. Congradulations!!!To You. You. Really look Awesome. I’m encourageing you to keep going. You really don’t look like you need to do anything else!!!But!Be so proud of yourself. I ‘m cheering for you to maintain and I believe in you.I’ve learn from this wonderful Establishment. Your stronger than what you know. You look strong. Holding your Head up with Confidence. Your Beautiful. And this program is a Restart for your Life. I hope one day. We will meet. Until then ;I Encourage you to keep being strong. And your a Angel. This Article Started my day poistive. Just like my Dr. Primack.I’ts what I needed. You made me Happy. And Encourage. Even me today.. Thank you. So much. Please Keep up the. Wonderful Awesome contagious. Weight loss. Ms.DebraWallace

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