Kelly: 65 lbs. Weight Loss

Just a few months ago I was severely overweight and I felt uncomfortable in my own body. I knew that I needed to change my unhealthy lifestyle. However, I did not know where to begin. I felt like I had tried every diet in the world and that I was going to be overweight for the rest of my life. I was completely exhausted from feeling hungry, tired and defeated.

I can honestly say that my life has changed since I walked through the doors of Scottsdale Weight Loss Center. Immediately, I knew that I was entering a safe, inviting and judgment-free environment. I felt comfortable working with Dr. Primack and the rest of the SWLC staff. I was especially excited and relieved to hear how simple the program was to follow. I knew that I was capable of consuming five meal replacements and 64 ounces of water per day.

Also, I was enthusiastic about attending the educational classes that SWLC provides. Through the classes, I acquired the knowledge and the support that is essential for adopting a healthy lifestyle. I learned about the benefits of exercise and the importance of consuming foods that nourish and satiate my body. Attending SWLC has provided me with the necessary tools, motivation, support and accountability that I needed to ensure that I could achieve my goals and be successful in my weight loss journey.

In the past I have always been a “yo-yo dieter.” Now, I am proud to say that I have lost 65 pounds and that I have a BMI of 20.9. I also have trained for and have run a 5K race. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined that I could be this healthy and active of a person. I also never believed that I was going to have to buy an entire new wardrobe because my clothes were too big! I am proud to announce that I am no longer a “yo-yo dieter.” I have the tools, support and self-confidence that I need to guarantee I will maintain my current weight and lifestyle.

Without Scottsdale Weight Loss Center, I truly believe that I would be watching my weight continually increase. I have enjoyed working with everyone at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center and I feel that I am part of a great community. I am so thankful that Scottsdale Weight Loss Center exists for people who struggle with weight issues. It is absolutely wonderful to see how many lives Scottsdale Weight Loss Center has truly impacted.


*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to our weight loss specialists about the results you can expect.

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