Larry’s 100 lbs. Weight Loss Success Story

Late in 2011 it occurred to me that I was not in shape for long term survival. Well intentioned friends had cautioned me that I had let my weight get way out of control. This was no surprise to me as I had to outfit myself in bigger and bigger clothes. Early in 2012 I commenced in my usual lethargic way to research different self-directed diets…procrastination was my guide. Finally early in March, at a dinner party at a close friend’s house, my friend confronted me and gave me a print out of a weight loss program from Scottsdale Weight Loss Center.

What appealed to me was that this program is under doctor supervision, and each patient’s progress is carefully monitored. Still procrastinating, it took the urging of my friend the following day for me to initiate contact with the center. Fortunately, I was able to be seen by Sheila, due to a cancellation on her schedule, and a pre-program medical evaluation was scheduled for Monday, March 12.

On March 12, when I arrived at the center, I needed assistance to walk from the waiting room to Jaime’s office. After drawing blood and doing an EKG, she excused herself and returned asking if I had the time, Dr. Ziltzer wanted a word with me. What happened next was the beginning of a miracle which continues to this day. Dr. Ziltzer asked me if I would authorize him to call an ambulance to transport me to the hospital. Of course, after a pause, I consented.

Without boring you with the details, my congestive heart failure was a direct result of my obesity…years of abuse and overeating were catching up with me; Dr. Ziltzer’s intervention saved my life. Hospitalized and under the influence of heavy pharmaceuticals, weight started dropping off of me. After my release from the hospital, I returned to Scottsdale Weight Loss Center to officially start the weight loss program.

I am proud to report that my weight has been reduced by 100 pounds from a morbidly obese 351 to my current 248. Even for a guy 6’3”, 248 pounds reflects a pudgy guy, but I’m alive, and still letting the program reduce my weight. It is no exaggeration that Dr. Ziltzer and his staff saved my life. The care and compassion shown by the Doctor and his entire staff, Jamie, Sheila, Bethany and Jessica, those that I have come in contact with the most, has been extraordinary. At all times professional, their care is provided in a very supportive and compassionate manner—all extremely appealing attributes.

Coming in contact with a number of people both at work and in my everyday endeavors, I am asked daily to explain how my weight loss was accomplished…it’s easy—it all starts with the decision to go to Scottsdale Weight Loss Center. In my case, the question was “What have I got to lose?” and the answer was…all this weight.

larry weight loss success

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to your Scottsdale Weight Loss Obesity Medicine Specialist about the results you can expect.