Laura: 49 lb Weight Loss

We are so proud to introduce Laura as September’s Patient of the Month.

Laura has lost an amazing 49 lbs! By doing the program Laura has not only been able to successfully lose weight by making healthier choices but she has learned that the knowledge and tools she learned in classes will help her keep the weight off. Here is what Laura had to say about her weight loss journey:

This testimonial may sound too good to be true but it is; the facts are totally honest and positive. I heard about Scottsdale Weight Loss Center while having lunch with a friend one day. I noticed he had lost a significant amount of weight and I asked how he did it. When he told me, it sounded like something I would be able to stick with because my prior attempts at losing weight didn’t work.

After I learned the details I was even more interested. Two weeks later, I began following the instructions and using the products. It was just what I needed to satisfy my hunger and lose weight at the same time. The classes were all conducted by professional people who knew all about the problems concerning weight loss and the need to be healthy.

Here I am now 49 pounds lighter and just as thrilled as I was in the beginning with the products, the doctors and the rest of the wonderful people who helped me reach my goal. I am still attending one or more classes per month of my own choice and whenever I feel the need to keep active in the program. I cannot think of any way to make this experience more enjoyable and effective. I am only too happy to recommend it to anyone who wants to lose weight, be healthy and enjoy doing it.

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to our weight loss specialists about the results you can expect.


2 Responses to “Laura: 49 lb Weight Loss”
  • Dick Frye says:

    Congratulations Laura- You look great and you look like you feel great. I too lost a sustantial amount of weight via the products and guidance from the doctor and staff at the Weight Loss Center. I made one mental error after having lost 59 pounds. I let a pound here and a pound there back on but I didn’t stop it there and I eventually gained back nearly 40 pounds. My mistake was telling myself that it was so easy to lose weight on the Optifast program that it was no problem. It has been harder this second time around – not sure why. But the point of my story is to stop it at a pound or two so there isn’t a second time around.

  • Lynne Marshall says:

    Laura, you are an inspiration to all that know you! Keep up the good work!


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