Lyn: 20 lbs. Weight Loss

Lyn: 20 lbs. Weight Loss

My favorite Christmas present was a tool box because I learned a long time ago that when you have the right tools for the job you can fix just about anything. I still have that tool box and have continued to update it with newer, easier to use tools and it gives me great satisfaction when I can fix something at my house or even for friends.

Life is like that…..when you have the right tools you can fix just about anything. As a competitive athlete I was used to the process of preparation, looking forward to the competition, then seeing how I stacked up against the competition. When I retired from professional auto racing because age finally caught up with me, or more accurately slowed me down, I felt pretty confident that I’d have no problems transferring my competitive skills to other aspects of my life. About three years ago I realized it wasn’t working. My motivation and discipline had pretty much vanished. I was eating whatever I liked, enjoying wine a little too often and convinced myself that the aches and pains as a result of age and overuse were good excuses for not working out anymore. Enough already!! But down deep I was unhappy and disappointed in myself. Then I met a dear friend for coffee and when she asked the simple question, “how are you doing” I honestly shared with her how I was really feeling – overweight, out of shape and unhappy with myself. She said she had another friend who was a former professional athlete who had a similar experience and had found the solution at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center. She asked, “Would you like me to get the information”? And my response was absolutely!

So in May of 2009 I made the appointment and signed up at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center with Dr. Robert Ziltzer. There was one complication…..literally a few days after my initial appointment I was scheduled to leave for Indianapolis, which is where I spend the month of May since the Indianapolis 500 is in my DNA whether as a fan (initially) or as a competitor (1992-2000). After meeting with Dr. Ziltzer he agreed to take me on as a client as long as I called in each week for my appointment. I was put on their OPTIFAST 800 program and had no problems at all adhering to the program. It was really easy to maintain, especially while I traveled, because I could bring my meals with me wherever I went. I’m proud and pleased to say that after four months I reached my goal – and lost 20 pounds – and have been able to maintain it ever since. Here are my thoughts on why Scottsdale Weight Loss Center is so successful:

  • They are organized, committed, structured, friendly, upbeat, positive, informative, encouraging, supportive, and communicate very well with the client. When I communicated my lifestyle (both current and past), my goals, and my challenges, they listened and were able to provide information that applied to me – not just general information – and were willing to accommodate my needs when absolutely necessary and possible.
  • They don’t make you feel guilty. They approach things very matter of fact but with kindness.

Next I wanted to figure out how to get on an exercise program that I would enjoy and would achieve results. Another dear friend told me about her trainer, who was located very close to where I lived, so I checked it out. I decided to give it a try and am really pleased with my progress. I’ve had plenty of knee problems, including surgeries, and pretty much have pain and limited mobility all the time which was my excuse for not working out. I didn’t want to continue to overuse my joints and figured working out would do that. Well, again, the teacher arrives when the student is ready, and after a few months I’m stronger, leaner, have more endurance, and actually am in less pain because I’ve strengthened the areas above and below my knees to help support them and take the load off the joints.

To really sweeten this story, after over 10 years of being out of competition, in the last few months opportunities and invitations to race have arrived and I’m having a blast! And to top it off I’m going to be racing in a professional sports car race – the Rolex Grand-Am Series – in Indianapolis on July 27 driving a Mazda RX-8 in the Grand Touring Class. It’s a three hour race and the rules state that you have to have 2 drivers, so I will have a co-driver. I’m now using the OPTIFAST HP (High Protein) product to increase my protein intake so I can reduce some of my body fat to improve my muscle endurance.

This is the type of racing I did for the decade of the 80s, so it’s like going back to my roots. I believe that all of this happening and coming together has a lot to do with my decisions and choices to be in the right place with my health and fitness – both physical and mental. I’m back on track!! And all because I had access to the proper tools and chose to use them.