Rhonda’s 45 lbs Weight Loss

I can breathe – I haven’t used my CPAP machine for 4 months now

rhonda t success story

I had tried many “diets” before- Weight Watchers, phen/fen (>15 years ago), healthy eating—really?

But, when I got to the point of buying larger and larger clothes and looking at pictures of myself- I made the decision- IT’S TIME! I was now convinced by that little voice in my head and the constant lectures from my daughter- herself a Personal Trainer and nutrition specialist- that it was time to get healthy. I was also getting larger and larger and found that I was having a difficult time breathing, walking any distance and drowning my fatness in fattening foods.

I started to look online for a program; I actually researched 3- one I had an appointment with after I had my appointment with SWLC, the other I had heard about, but it required shots AND if you didn’t sign up with them, you had to pay $40 for the consultation-so I canceled that one— and started my journey talking with Angela at SWLC! This one visit- and I was hooked- I went home, then called her back and said, “GET ME STARTED!”

I began my journey on June 4, 2015- when I met Dr. Ziltzer and bought my food. I thought it was going to be difficult, but I realized it wasn’t- I was looking at the bigger picture and if I was going to do this, I was going to be successful!

I really hadn’t seen my family or friends until late August-early September- by that time I was a little over halfway to my goal- my friends and family were so excited to see me-my sister, my niece and friends all started crying and told me over and over how proud they are of me and how great I looked- NO ONE had told me that for a VERY long time!! I then went to visit my daughter in Dallas! She pulled up to the curb at the airport with her mouth wide open and started crying! She was so happy and made me feel so very good!

I am almost to my goal- still about 2 pounds off- I am eating “regular” food- but being very careful and mindful of what I put into my mouth-I still attend classes- VERY IMPORTANT— and working out- I have had to take all of my clothes to either resale shops or donate and am loving buying new clothes, getting clothes from my daughter and sister and loving every minute of it!

I can breathe- I haven’t used my CPAP machine for 4 months now- I can go to the gym, walk for long periods of time without being winded and am feeling better than I ever have!

The staff at SWLC is AMAZING! When I walk to the door, I feel welcome- everyone is friendly and sincere- Angela was a true motivator- from the time I first met her and she described that program and continued every time I came to the clinic, to all the Medical Assistants who weighed me and did the tests to Dr. Ziltzer who kept me motivated and gave me tips and tricks to move the weight loss along and all the “teachers” of the classes that are so inspiring and help me so much!

I am convinced that this is not a “diet”- it’s most certainly a lifestyle change that is comfortable and that I feel I am successful with! I appreciate everyone at SWLC- and am recommending them to everyone I talk to who tells me how great I look and “how did you do that?”

Thanks to all at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center for all the support and encouragement along my journey!!

(Not to worry- this is not the end- I still will be coming in to keep me in check!)

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to our weight loss specialists about the results you can expect.


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  • Debbie Rademaker says:

    It was very uplifting to read your store because I have started my Journey 3 week ago and lost 18 pounds I am looking forward to be in that 45 pound lose to start to feel better.. taken my granddaughter to Disney next year and want to be able to keep up..
    keep up the good work.

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