Susan and Tom: 157 lb Weight Loss

We are pleased to recognize one of our husband and wife teams on their incredible success. We are so proud of their determination and continued support of one another in reaching their goals. Susan has lost 64 pounds; 10 inches off her waist, 9 inches off her hips, and 16% body fat! Tom has lost 93 pounds in only 7 months and has kept it off for 4 months. He lost 12.5 inches off his waist, 12 inches off his hips, and has reduced his body fat by an astounding 30%!!

Susan and Tom after losing 157 lb

Here is what they have to say:

“Scottsdale Weight Loss Center worked for us for a number of reasons: we had great chemistry with the amazing staff; we fully embraced the program, including attending all classes and applying much of what we learned; we discovered the benefits of walking and wont stop; and by including one food meal in our daily program from the start, we didn’t feel deprived of food and we had the opportunity to apply what we learned about appropriately proportioned and nutritionally balanced meals.

It probably took us longer to reach our weight loss goals but it worked well for us. So much has changed. We are more fit than we have ever been in our lives; we are much more knowledgeable about nutrition; we are more confident in how we carry ourselves; we enjoy clothes shopping; we can cross our legs even sitting on an air plane or in a movie theater; and one of us no longer has hot flashes- you guess which one!!! We could not have made these life changes without the support and encouragement of the staff and faculty and we know they will always be there as we continue to progress as lifelong weight managers. That is, perhaps, the greatest benefit of the program- the support system is in place for keeping these changes permanent!”