“I understand a lot more about the mental part of weight control!”

Tim: 55 lb Weight Loss
Congratulations to June’s Patient of the Month, Tim for all of his hard work and success. Tim has lost an incredible 55 lbs and is now actively working to maintain the weight that he has lost. He no longer needs medication for his blood pressure and can run and hike with ease! Here is what Tim had to say about his weight loss:

“A little over six months ago I had just turned 50, was overweight, taking two medications that (barely) controlled my blood pressure, had rising cholesterol, and my regular doctor had just put me on a statin drug because of my cardiac risk factors. Happy Birthday!

I was skeptical that I really had 50 pounds of excess weight that I could lose without chopping off a leg or an arm. The folks at SWLC knew better, and their total confidence gave me reassurance that I could hit my goal. Once I lost the first 15 pounds or so, I really started to believe.

Now, thanks to SWLC, I am 50 plus pounds lighter, my blood pressure is great with no medication, my cholesterol is fine, and all my cardiac risk factors are gone. I’ve always been active, but I didn’t really exercise before, and now as part of my program I walk daily. Now I’ve progressed to running about 20 miles a week, something I’ve always wanted to do. I have a house in Colorado and before my weight loss, hiking at those high elevations was very noticeable in my breathing and energy level. On my last trip I didn’t experience any of that!

Two things struck me as standouts at SWLC. First, it was great to hear from a number of staff and instructors who talked about their struggles and successes with weight loss. That added instant credibility to their advice. It’s easy to believe someone who has been there. Second, the classes highlighted how many different facets there are to weight loss. I knew about calories and nutrition and exercise, but thanks to classes with the food “shrinks” I understand a lot more about the mental part of weight control. I’ll have a long way to go to be a master of my weight, but I’m off to an encouraging start.”

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to our weight loss specialists about the results you can expect.

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