Tom’s: 53 lbs Weight Loss in 20 Weeks

One of the hardest things I had to deal with was looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a different person

Tom K Weight Loss Success

This review is about how I lost 53 pounds in 20 weeks with the help of Dr. Primack and the staff at Scottsdale Weight Loss Center (SWLC).  My dentist lost about the same amount of weight and he inspired me to go check out the program. I spent most of my life struggling with my weight.  I, like most people with weight issues, had tried many “do it yourself” or “over the counter” weight loss options. Every year, year after year, I would be up a few pounds; hating myself and feeling hopeless. If you are reading this review, then I would assume you have concerns about your weight, health, and quality of life. If you are like me, you just want some information to make an informed choice as to whether this program will work for you or not. It’s OK to have a healthy skepticism about these types of programs… I sure did. It took me a full year after I went to hear about the program to join up. In my opinion, you are doing the right thing by reading about other people’s experiences before making a final decision.

Here are some of my personal experiences and observations:

1. I found the facility to be professional, comfortable and nicely decorated. There is a nice reception counter, offices, exam rooms, seminar rooms, etc. all conveniently located in the same building.

2. My initial meeting was with Angela. I think you will like her right away… as I did!  The thing I liked about Angela was her pleasant personality, knowledge about the program and her professionalism. Later, I found the whole staff to be friendly, professional and highly supportive. I always feel very comfortable, calm and welcome when I go to the center.

3. The doctors are “REAL” MD’s with REAL credentials. Dr. Primack was my doctor and I found him to be soft-spoken, kindhearted, highly educated, understanding, a great listener, an excellent advisor and was always available for me when I had questions or concerns. I have heard that Dr. Ziltzer is the same.

4. I received all the information about the program without being pressured in any way. You will be given all the information to make an informed decision as to whether the program is right for you or not. I got that they truly wanted me to make the choice, based on my desire and reasons, and to commit to the program and be successful. Ultimately, weight loss is a personal choice and not something they can impose on someone.

5. Angela will explain the costs involved… which I found to be accurate and reasonable. She will explain how the program works and what you can expect; there were no hidden costs that I experienced. Most importantly you will learn about the maintenance program… which is what finally sold me on joining.  Just a note about the cost: I know this can be a sticking point for many people.  I personally came to realize that if losing weight is about money…. you’re not ready to seriously lose the weight and keep it off. I had to get to the point that I had to do something about my weight no matter what it cost. Just remember, when calculating the cost, to take into account the cost of not losing the weight, the cost of medications, doctor visits and co-pays, the cost of food it takes to maintain your weight (i.e.: eating out, high grocery bills, etc.), the cost of low self-esteem and feeling lousy every day. Now that I’m through the program and realize where I was and where I am now… I can honestly say it was the best money I ever spent and I totally got my moneys worth and more.

6. My initial medical evaluation with Dr. Primack was excellent and thorough. My program was personalized to my lifestyle and needs. My health was closely monitored throughout the 4 mo. program.

7. One critical part of the program was the educational component. The seminars with the dietitians and clinical psychologists were invaluable and provided the support and long term tools needed to maintain my weight loss success.

Finally, I learned to stop rewarding myself with food, punishing myself with food, avoiding things like boredom, work stress, past life experiences by medicating myself with food. I now eat for my health and understand exactly what I’m putting in my mouth and how it affects my weight, health, and quality of life.

Don’t be afraid of the Optifast products. They really work to lose weight fast plus you will receive a lot of valuable information from Optifast on losing and maintaining a healthy weight. I think the products taste good and they really worked for me. One of the hardest things I had to deal with was looking at myself in the mirror and seeing a different person. It took a while to get my head around it. By-the-way, plan on buying a new wardrobe! And, plan on getting a lot of questions and attention about your new image. I encourage you to check out the program. I hope my review has helped you in some way and I wish you good luck in your quest for better health.

*Medical weight loss program results vary between individuals depending on initial weight, existing medical conditions and adherence to prescribed treatments. Speak to our weight loss specialists about the results you can expect.


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