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5 Tips to Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal

Posted In: Lifestyle By Craig Primack MD FACP

Shedding pounds and keeping the weight off is challenging for most adults. Many people set goals to diet and exercise more. Unfortunately, they are unable to keep them due to an inability to change, as well as a lack of will power. Obesity not only hurts your self-esteem, but it can hurt your overall health as well. For example, many health conditions like heart disease and diabetes can be brought on by obesity. If you are interested in losing weight, here are some important tips that can help you achieve your goal. [Read more]



Proven Methods for Losing Belly Fat

Posted In: Healthy Eating, Lifestyle By Craig Primack MD FACP

Belly fat is one of the most challenging types of fat to lose. Excess weight around your stomach, known as visceral fat, not only makes you look bigger around your midsection but can also lead to long-term health complications such as heart disease and diabetes. Here are a few proven ways to reduce belly fat as fast as possible. [Read more]



Why Losing Weight Really Matters

Posted In: Obesity Medicine By Craig Primack MD FACP

The weight loss journey is never the same for any two people. Something so integrally tied to your personal health, your daily activities, your mood and your appearance can’t possibly happen in an identical way for anyone else. Yet for some reason, the weight loss industry has largely seemed to trivialize the weight loss process as wound-up entirely in the same common interests. [Read more]



Ready, Set, Lose

Posted In: Lifestyle By Craig Primack MD FACP

Everyone has that moment—that realization that it is time to make a change. For some, it comes in the form of a wake-up call after receiving bad news. The loss of a loved one, a damaged relationship, or a health condition you never expected to have; these are the types of events that prompt change in our lives. For many people, weight gain starts of small. But just a few pounds a year can really add up, and before you know it you might be looking at 50 or 100 pounds of excess weight. It isn’t always easy to look yourself in the mirror and decide once and for all that you want to make changes in your life, but to lose weight that is exactly needs to be done. [Read more]