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Finding the Perfect Gym for Weight Loss

Posted In: Getting Active By Craig Primack MD FACP

Having a gym membership can be a huge help. Gyms offer amenities beyond the scope of our at-home and outdoor workouts: expensive, modern fitness machines, personal trainers, exercise classes and a constructive, social atmosphere. All of these things, as well as the monetary commitment you make to a gym, can make it much easier to stay focused on and accountable to your workout plans. [Read more]



Twittering to Be Thin

Posted In: Lifestyle By Craig Primack MD FACP

This time of year most people find their Facebook and Twitter feeds filled with football updates and unrehearsed political opinions, and it can be almost enough to make you log off for good. But for the sake of your medical weight loss efforts, you might want to stay online a bit longer. [Read more]



Buddy Up for Weight Loss Workouts

Posted In: Getting Active By Craig Primack MD FACP

Friends can turn a frown to a smile and help you vent your frustrations as they walk beside you on the path to better health. As you lose weight in Chandler and Scottsdale, the most valuable ally will be one who offers you encouragement every step of the way: a workout partner. [Read more]