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How to Eat More Superfoods in 2019

Posted In: Healthy Eating By Craig Primack MD FACP

Are you working to improve your eating habits this year? One way to accomplish this is to make sure you include some of the so-called “superfoods” in your diet. This article will explain what superfoods are, give you some examples of good ones to look for (some of which are probably already in your refrigerator and pantry), and suggest ideas for how to make them part of your daily routine. [Read more]



On Reaching your Weight Loss Goal

Posted In: Lifestyle By Craig Primack MD FACP

At the onset of that journey you may not see that future so clearly, so it sometimes helps to take a step back and to hear the words of those who have made it there themselves. What does someone who lost 25, 50 or even 150 pounds say to themselves in the mirror? What do they think about when they reflect on their weight loss journey? [Read more]



Trans Fats during Weight Loss

Posted In: Healthy Eating By Craig Primack MD FACP

During your medical weight loss program in Chandler or Scottsdale, it is important that you are aware of the contents of your food choices and that you make healthy choices to optimize your weight loss. One thing you’ll want to avoid during your weight loss are foods containing trans fats. These foods contain harmful fats that could potentially derail your weight loss efforts. [Read more]