Why Our Weight Loss Programs Work

If you’re looking to lose weight, you have a nearly unlimited amount of weight loss management programs to choose from. Why choose the Scottsdale Weight Loss Center?

We look to clinical research and years of documented results to know the best way to help you lose weight quickly and safely. Research has shown time and time again that specific key factors will significantly increase your chances of losing weight and keeping it off in the long-term. Scottsdale Weight Loss Center provides you with all of these key elements you need to lose weight.

What do you need to lose weight?

Although each patient is prescribed a personalized weight loss management program, each plan includes the key elements that research has proven will improve your chances of weight loss success. All of our weight loss management programs include:

  • Medical monitoring: Research shows that the healthiest way to lose weight quickly is with medical monitoring. Your weight loss management program will be designed and monitored by physicians to help you meet your goals while maintaining optimum health.
  • Lifestyle education: You may have been able to lose weight in the past, but a weight loss management program that helps you keep the weight off must include education to help you make long-term lifestyle changes. We’ll show you how to manage stress without gaining weight, make healthy food and shopping choices, set and achieve goals, get active, and foresee potential setbacks before they happen.
  • Personalized & continued weight management support: Again, research shows that you are much more likely to lose weight if you have a strong support system to tap into. Using a support system will not only help you lose weight, but it is especially valuable to maintaining your weight loss. Scottsdale Weight Loss Center provides several support options to ensure there is a resource that will work for you.
  • Scottsdale core class series: All of our weight management programs include a 20 week series of classes taught by behavioral psychologists, dietitians and exercise therapists. We’ll cover everything from emotional eating to choosing proper protein sources. Studies show that patients lose more weight and keep it off for longer when they attend classes in addition to seeing a physician for weight management.

Weight Management Programs That Work

Why should you come to Scottsdale Weight Loss Center to lose weight? Because what we do works. We take a scientific approach to medical weight loss that has proven results.

Find out about attending a free information session to learn more about our weight management programs.