Hydroxycut doesn’t make the cut

Posted: May 11, 2009 in Obesity Medicine by

Like so many dietary supplements, safety is a common concern.  Hydroxycut is no exception.  On May 1st,the FDA recalled products containing the ingredient due to 23 reports of severe liver damage and one death.  This is not the first time a dietary supplement has been banned from the market.  Recently, several dietary weight loss supplements were removed from the shelves because they contained sibutramine-a medication that requires a doctor’s prescription.  Sibutramine can cause blood pressure and heart abnormalities, as well as anxiety when dosed improperly.

There are some dietary supplements that have been tested and shown to be effective and safe.  Saw Palmetto and St. John’s Wort are examples.  Advise your doctor of all of the medications you take, since there can be interactions with prescribed meds.

Most importantly, just because a supplement is “natural” does not make it safe.  The rigorous studies that prescribed drugs must undergo rarely catch all potential side effects until a drug has been in use for several years.  Dietary supplements and herbs are not subject to the FDA, and therefore do not undergo such studies.  Do your research when taking any herb or supplements, and check several unbiased sources.