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Success Stories from Scottsdale Weight Loss

Kirk M: Weight Loss Success Story

My weight loss journey started about a year before I came to Scottsdale Weight Loss Center. I was tired of feeling and looking the way I did, and I did not like what I was seeing in the mirror every day. I started swimming for my exercise since at that time going to the gym to participate in high impact exercises was not realistic for me. I joined LA Fitness in South Gilbert and had to relearn how to swim in a more efficient way to aid in my weight loss. I was eating healthy, reading food labels and exercising, but I was still gaining weight. I couldn’t figure it out so I made an appointment with my primary care doctor. I found out I had high blood pressure and high cholesterol and was given medications to treat the symptoms. I didn’t just want to treat these conditions, I wanted to fix them! [Read more]

Joyce S: Weight Loss Success Story

I was told by my orthopedic surgeon that breaking my shoulder was a life-changing event. I thought he didn’t know how resilient and healthy I was, but I learned that he was right. He and my physical therapists were able to do wonders with my shoulder, but I was not allowed any exercise outside therapy. They were also right that had I fallen, I would not even have been able to catch myself. At the surgeon’s insistence, I was on Percoset (two days of therapy), so I could not even drive for 7 months. My body atrophied and I gained weight… a LOT of weight. I felt like my body had been taken over by an imposter that I did not even recognize in the mirror, and I was SO TIRED all the time. [Read more]

Twyla F: Weight Loss Success

I was always a thin, active person until about my mid 40’s. Along with some medical problems and menopause, I gained a substantial amount of weight.
Being heavier lowered my self-esteem, I felt tired, added more medical problems, such as high blood pressure, bad cholesterol, depression etc. I could lose a small amount of weight but would give up and gain it all back. My daughter suggested Scottsdale Weight Loss Center. I was not confident, and I would give reasons such as, what if it doesn’t work and I waste my money. She told me, “Just try it, and if it doesn’t work or you don’t like it, stop going.” [Read more]

Jennifer K: Weight Loss Success

One of the best feelings is walking into Scottsdale Weight Loss Center and seeing Dr. Ziltzer. My journey started in September 2015. Having struggled with my weight for my entire life, I was on the brink of despair as nothing seemed to work. You name the diet, exercise program, nutritional angle, I had done them all over the years with little or no success. Every where else in my life I felt like I had a way to meet my goals except for my body. [Read more]

Kim C: Weight Loss Success

I have struggled with weight since having my kids. My weight has been up and down for years. I have tried several diets both self-driven and other major plans. Scottsdale Weight Loss was a plan my sister in law and I came up with while sitting on a beach eating candy. We knew we needed to do something and we chose to check out this place. [Read more]

Gina: Weight Loss Success

My struggle in managing my weight began shortly after I was married in 2001. Between my full-time career as an Industrial Engineer and raising 5 children, I had very little time to think about myself and overall well-being. Carting the children to and from extracurricular activities meant there were many nights passing through a drive through window. It was our norm! [Read more]

Chuck H: 66 lbs Weight Loss

I have been struggling with my weight for 25 years and have tried every diet out there with marginal success and ultimately failing, always gaining all my weight back each time. I heard about Scottsdale Weight Loss Center from a co-worker who had had great success, but was hesitant to try another plan. However, I finally decided I was mentally ready to try it. That’s something I feel is extremely important. You MUST be mentally committed to make these life style changes and I would go further to say if you’re not, then don’t bother. [Read more]

Roger D: 65 lbs Weight Loss

Thank you to Dr. Ziltzer and staff for helping me meet my weight control goal. I now have more energy and am much more active than I was, lugging an extra 65 pounds around with me. I had decided that I was retired from hiking Pinnacle Peak, because I was too old and out of shape. Pinnacle Peak is now back in my routine. It feels like a backpack has been removed from my shoulders and I am so much lighter on my feet. I am using different muscles to walk and I have a spring in my step that I didn’t remember, because I have been so overweight for most of my adult life. [Read more]

Dolores M: Weight Loss Success

As soon as I walked into the Scottsdale Weight Loss Center office, aside from feeling embarrassed for allowing myself to get so heavy, the consultant made me feel very comfortable and confident I could do the program. She explained what the program was about and then she mentioned “Classes”! My first thought was “oh no classes” where am I going to find the energy to attend classes? [Read more]

Traci C: Weight Loss Success

In December I felt terrible about myself. I had let my weight climb higher than ever. I knew I had to do something and FAST! I loved the structure the meal replacement plan – no thinking involved and the meals were delicious! I remember in one of my first office visits I asked Dr. Ziltzer if I should change my goal weight to something more attainable but he reassured me that I could do it. [Read more]

Fady A: Weight Loss Success

When I walked into Scottsdale Weight Loss Center (SWLC) I wasn’t expecting much. I knew I wanted to lose weight but I did not know how. I knew I wanted to be healthier but I had not really taken action to get there. I was tired of the physical and mental load I was putting on myself but I remained motionless. The choice to come to SWLC was not easy but on the first day I made the decision that no matter what I was going to do this, no excuses. [Read more]

Michael P: 50 lbs Weight Loss

I found the plan to be very easy to follow and lost weight very quickly and consistently. The classes have been extremely helpful in educating me about the choices I make and how to be successful at maintaining my weight. I have a new nick-name from my friends, “skinny.” [Read more]

Carl H: 55 lbs Weight Loss

Before I started my weight loss program I was pre-diabetic, and my blood pressure fluctuated from 140/92 to 136/92. I slept a lot and was tired most of the time before, and I didn’t exercise regularly. I was frustrated. I wore 2XL shirts, and my waist was a size 44. [Read more]

Rhonda T: 45 lbs Weight Loss

I had tried many “diets” before- Weight Watchers, phen/fen (>15 years ago), healthy eating—really? But, when I got to the point of buying larger and larger clothes and looking at pictures of myself- I made the decision- IT’S TIME! I was now convinced by that little voice in my head and the constant lectures from my daughter- herself a Personal Trainer and nutrition specialist- that it was time to get healthy. [Read more]

Keri K: 55 lbs Weight Loss

My weight loss adventure started over a year ago. I had just turned 42 years old and my weight had gotten out of control. Even when I was pregnant with three kids I had weighed less. I worked out three to five times a week, but my eating habits were horrible. I had a very good friend who had lost over seventy pounds from Scottsdale Weight Loss Center, and she had kept it off for over three years. I finally got the courage to make my first appointment and mentally made a decision to change the way I felt and looked. [Read more]

Mary C: 52 lbs Weight Loss

I have been dieting most of my life. I was a fat kid who grew up to be a fat teenager who at the age of 15 decided she needed a DIET to make her life better. Since then I have been on and off diets for years. In the last few years I had just given up thinking that I was just unable to keep the weight off, I just had to face it that I would live the rest of my life in the half world of being overweight. [Read more]

Chris S: 36 lbs Weight Loss

After spending the last 13 years yo-yo dieting and never being able to keep the weight off; I was finally ready for a lasting change. I started the Scottsdale Weight Loss Center program on January 27, 2015 and lost a total of 36 lbs. in 9 weeks! I did a full meal replacement plan and an appetite suppressant. [Read more]

Tom K: 53 lbs Weight Loss

I spent most of my life struggling with my weight. I, like most people with weight issues had tried many “do it yourself” or “over the counter” weight loss options. Every year, year after year, I would be up a few pounds; hating myself and feeling hopeless. If you are reading this review, then I would assume you have concerns about your weight, health, and quality of life. If you are like me, you just want some information to make an informed choice as to whether this program will work for you or not. [Read more]

Helene S: Weight Loss Success

I don’t think that there is a weight loss solution that I haven’t tried. When I was eleven, I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid and coincidentally, my parents were getting divorced around the same time frame. Back then, one’s parents didn’t divorce; only Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher did. [Read more]

Mark J: 70 lbs Weight Loss

I was sent to Scottsdale Weight Loss Center by my doctor because he saw I was not addressing my weight problem and it was beginning to seriously affect my health. As it was once put to me in conversation, “You seem to really enjoy groceries!” I had to finally admit I could not take care of my weight issue by myself. [Read more]

Donna C: Weight Loss Success

I was skeptical of Scottsdale Weight Loss Center when a friend recommended them to me. I thought I knew everything there was to know about dieting and weight loss. Diets didn’t work for me – they only left me hungry and frustrated. Even though my friend was experiencing success with the program, after my many years of yo-yo dieting, I was scared to hope again – hope that maybe this time I could do it. [Read more]

Samantha S: Weight Loss Success

For a long time, I felt like I had become an invisible person. People just saw me as another person who had lost the battle of the bulge. I had become increasingly overweight, and with each pound came a deeper sense of shame and guilt and frustration. I had tried and failed so many times before to lose weight that I began to doubt my ability to ever become healthy. [Read more]

Arthur: 165 lbs Weight Loss

I began 2013 as a morbidly obese diabetic with chronic foot and knee pain, sleep apnea, and taking maximum available dosages of drugs to control my diabetes, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure. I had been told by an orthopedic surgeon to lose 100 pounds so that the knee replacement he was recommending would be able to last for a reasonable period of time. [Read more]

Debbi: 50 lb Weight Loss

I started my weight loss journey at the end of 2008 at the insistence of my then husband. I hit this program running and was fortunate enough to meet a girl named Karen in one of my weight loss classes. Karen and I began hiking five days a week and the weight just seemed to fall off. During this time my husband informed me that he wanted to end our marriage of 26 years. [Read more]

Dennis L: 65 lbs Weight Loss

I walked into SWLC expecting to hear a sales pitch and pressure to get involved right away. What I got was solid information about a plan that had great and trackable success. There was zero pressure! I started two weeks later on the full meal replacement. It was tough! I went from eating 2500-3000 calories per day of unhealthy fatty foods to 800 calories per day. You kidding me?! [Read more]